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Seder Experiences

Sweet Seder with Hillels of North Texas

Fri Mar 26th,

5pm CST

Hillel@Home Uyghur Freedom Seder

Tues Mar 30th, 1pm CST

Exodus Queer Seder w/ Rabbi Nikki

Tues Mar 30th, 7pm CST

Passover Foods

We wanted to make a Kosher for Passover cookbook that would be easy for students who are in a dorm or living at home to make themselves! We would love to hear what everyone is making during Passover this year. Follow @hillelntx for more food-related posts about Passover

-Savannah (UNT Hillel President) and
Gabi (UTD Hillel President)

Matza and Dill


From Dr. Michelle Friedman, the head of pastoral counseling at Yeshivat Chovevei Torah, gives sound advice to those struggling with isolation. 

Masa Israel offers a library of Passover videos, including talking matzahs and an entertaining parody on Dayenu with Diddy and Cee Lo Green.

Sometimes, we don’t need to go overboard to celebrate, and this is one of those times. Follow this advice to have a kosher, but minimal Seder and Passover.

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