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We did it!

Happy Hanukkah!!!

THANK YOU! Your generosity has generated over $10,000 for Hillels of North Texas with a $5,000 matching gift from a generous donor

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What your gift means to students

To me, Hillel...

"...is the place I can be myself and has given me the opportunity to meet so many great people and my best friend" Gabi Popp, UTD

"...is my hype place! I love Hillel. Because of Hillel I'm more confident and ready to learn than I ever was before. Hillel makes it comfortable for me to learn about all the holidays and traditions - some I've celebrated before, and some I didn't know about" Savannah Schultz-Loggie, UNT

"...is an amazing organization with lots of learning and community on campus. I know most of my friends through Hillel" Jacob Fisch, UTD

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